the morality of improvement


One thought on “the morality of improvement

  1. Morag:
    We were both quite interested in this idea: that not only did landed interests start to enclose land and take it from people, but they made out it was for the common good and this ideal of improvement. When we were walking from Raymond Williams’ house into the fields, it was all quite tidy and then I noticed this scrap of red fabric trampled in the dirt almost like a red communist character hidden below the surface. I just really liked the red in the middle of this so-called natural landscape but also, I was thinking about litter: how in the countryside some things are OK and other things are seen as not OK.

    There are a lot of invisible things going on to do with improvement of the land: underlying things like people getting exploited or the rise of invisible things like agri-chemicals, which are quite hidden whereas something like litter is visible.


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