One thought on “a problem of perspective

  1. Lisa:
    Morag and I met four times. The first time I came over and visited Morag, we went on a couple of walks and one of the things I was really aware of was how much I came into the landscape as a tourist because I was born in Berlin and brought up in Bremen, which is a bit industrial. I didn’t have any connection to the countryside or landscape as such. I was really interested in one of the first things Raymond Williams writes about, which is the problem of perspective and how the view of the landscape changes as soon as soon as you have a different insight or somebody tells you a thing about it or reveals something about a particular place or a particular aspect of it.

    We were walking past this place and Morag told me that it was the spot where the protestors that she had worked with had put their camp so that the wild garlic is still a bit flattened and there is still a mark of that left and to me that was just a field of wild garlic and I was thinking of pesto. It really makes a difference when someone gives you an insight into a place: your view or your gaze changes.


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